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Pyrite cube nuggets 8-12mm natural raw rough drilled crystals 15.5" strand


Natural raw Pyrite cube nuggets measuring on average approximately 8-12mm. Pyrite crystals are also known as Iron Pyrite or 'Fools Gold' because of its shiny golden-brassy color. Nuggets are center drilled and the drilled hole is approximately 0.8mm in diameter. You will receive one of the strands shown on photos. Strands are approximately 15" - 15.5" long, consists of approximately 40 - 43 nuggets and weight approx. 80 - 100g.

These are natural untreated Pyrite crystals. Natural raw Pyrite might produce 'black dust' when it rubs together. When making jewellery, It's advisable to use spacer beads or knots to stop crystals rubbing against each other and/or provide a layer of protection to prevent any issues with the 'black dust'.

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